Importing Pro Tools' 8 Channel 3D Mix Into Reaper

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After having exported an 8 channel 3D mix from Pro Tools, it is then possible to import it into Reaper, though it may initially sound incorrect due to the channels being ordered incorrectly. Additional sounds can then be added to the mix, however, it is not possible to make changes to the existing mix.

Pro Tools exports 8 channels using the 7.1 SDDS format which is currently not recognised by Reaper. This means the channels must be manually reordered and routed to the Control Plugin.

  1. Import the 8 channel audio file into a new track in Reaper
  2. Open the track's routing options and untick 'Master send'.
  3. Right click the audio region and select 'Item processing' > 'Explode multi-channel audio or MIDI items to new one channel items'
  4. Each of these new tracks need to be routed to the '3D Master' track. For each channel's track open the routing options.
  5. And create a new send to '3D Master'. 
  6. Set the 'Audio:' drop down menu to 'Mono source' > '1' 
  7. Set the destination channel using the following table 
Original Channel   3D Master Channel
1 -> 1
2 -> 3
3 -> 2
4 -> 8
5 -> 6
6 -> 7
7 -> 4
8 -> 5


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