Video Player: Known Issues

 The following table outlines the known issues with the Video Player:


Issue Status / Workaround
VR View The Cmd + Tab shortcut does not work when Rift view is open  (Being investigated)
Slave Video Playback:
  Rift Mode
Health and Safety warning appears on Oculus Rift and does not disappear with key press Tap the side of the Rift or shake it
  Rift Mode On some computers opening a video with the Video Player causes flashing black and white bars to appear on the Oculus Rift DK2. Mirror the displays then unmirror them. Moving the mouse onto the Oculus Rift display should stop the flashing. Move the mouse back and forth between the two displays. There will be a mouse position that causes the display to show correctly.
  Desktop Mode
Certain resolutions of H.264 videos do not wrap correctly and display as a large spiral ProRes is recommended. If using H.264 Re-encode the video to a different resolution (e.g. 1920x1080)


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    Alvaro de Iscar Gonzalez

    Hi there! Avid DNXHD was working with previous versions and now is not working anymore with 1.1.5 Best, Alvaro


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    Ross Gillard

    Does the "get from video" function on the controller work when listening in 7.1? or does that function only work when "decode binaural" is selected?

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