Add Spatial Audio To Oculus Video (Gear VR)

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Spatial audio can be heard on the Gear VR either through streaming from Facebook or by side-loading videos for the Oculus Video app.


To stream a video on Gear VR open the video in the Facebook Android app and tap the button on the top left marked "Watch in VR". Alternatively save the video in Facebook and it will appear under the "Saved" tab of the "Facebook Videos" section in Oculus Video. Instructions on creating videos with spatial audio for Facebook can be found here.

Side-loading: Spatial Workstation Mix

The Oculus Video app for Gear VR, from version 1.43.8, supports side-loading of a full 8+2 channel mix from the Spatial Workstation. 

  1. Follow the steps here to create a video file with spatial audio for Facebook 360
  2. Follow the steps here to rename your file in a format supported by Oculus Video and transfer it to your device

Side-loading: B-format (ambiX) Mix – Using the FB360 Encoder

To sideload a video with only B-format audio (ambiX, FuMa), we would recommend using the FB360 Encoder to create a video file with the audio tracks muxed in.
Follow the same steps outlined in the previous section to create the video file, rename and transfer it to the phone to play it back in Oculus video.

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